Welcome to the NFLIS DEA Synth-Opioids Real-time Communication Network

This communication platform is a partnership between two DEA-sponsored systems, the National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS) and the Real-Time Communication Synth-Opioids Network (Synth-Opioids), resulting in a permanent communication platform for Synth-Opioids. The purpose of this discussion and communication platform is to enable:

  1. Rapid dissemination of information from
  2. DEA emerging psychoactive alerts (for public and law enforcement use)
  3. Reports on emerging drug trends and unknown substances
  4. Searchable and permanent storage of information, organized by category
  5. Sharing of data and methodologies to address analytical challenges and facilitate the rapid detection and
    identification of emerging psychoactive substances
  6. Sharing of information on novel forms of drug submissions
  7. Opportunity for scientific forensic surveys to gather information rapidly

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NFLIS began in September 1997 as a systematic data collection effort to obtain drug chemistry analysis results from local, State, and Federal forensic laboratories (now called NFLIS-Drug). The program now consists of multiple forensic components (NFLIS-Drug, NFLIS-Tox, and NFLIS-MEC) that complement each other to provide a holistic picture of the drug trafficking and abuse issues in the United States.

Since its inception in August 2017, Synth-Opioids has been bridging multiple disciplines and multiple jurisdictions in forensic sciences for the rapid sharing of emerging psychoactive substances in the United States. By sharing scientific data to assist in detecting and identifying unknown synthetic substances and opioids, DEA has been expanding the Nation’s collective scientific expertise and breaking silos of information, not only across the Nation, but also globally. With this new partnership, NFLIS and Synth-Opioids will continue to strengthen and expand the power of collective scientific knowledge.